Quizzo Bowl X Scores


Congrats to the Sofa Kingdom, who won Quizzo Bowl X on board the Spirit of Philadelphia. To say we all had a blast would be a bit of an understatement. Everything from the food to the weather to the band was incredible. And with so many people getting dressed up, and Lifesaver rounds, and a Kriss Kross/Christopher Cross mashup, and the band playing yacht rock, it was every bit as ridiculous as I hoped it would be.

As far as the quiz itself, I’ll be honest, I got a little unnerved by the Jeopardy team and probably made the quiz a little harder than I should have, especially the music round. If we do it again next year I will definitely make it an easier quiz. But I thought the Mad Lib round and the Lifesaver round were pretty fun wrinkles to the usual questions, and I was happy with the difficulty level of the Impossible Round.

Thanks to each and every person who climbed on board the ship. Oh, and I contacted the ship this morning to ask about the trophy, which I left on board. I’ll let you know when I hear back. D’oh!

Here are your final scores.

  1. Sofa Kingdom 133
  2. THe Life Aquatic with Jacques Bon Temps 120
  3. Yacht Cocks 2: Cruise Control 116*
  4. Omega Mu 112
  5. Los Bandeleros 110
  6. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics 104
  7. We Once Were Champs 102
  8. There’s Always Money in the Banana Stand 95
  9. Your Sister Wouldn’t But Natalie Wood 92
  10. The Black Sheep Black Sheep 89
  11. HMS Popesack 89
  12. Pre-Teen PRegnancy Pact 87
  13. Synchronized Trampoline 84
  14. The Misfits 83 
  15. At Least It’s Not a Duckboat 82
  16. Filthy Whore Reunion Tour 81
  17. Sunday Morning Sharktoberfest 77
  18. But My Mom Says I’m Cool 75
  19. Sailor Jerry Mapother 73
  20. Thug C*** 67
  21. But Seriously Sell Me Your Business So You Can Stop Being an Absentee Dad 62
  22. Crab Imperial 60
  23. The Se(a)men 58
  24. Soylent Green is Quizzo! 57
  25. Shart House 57
  26. University of Phoenix JV Team 51
  27. Electric Mayhem 32

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