Jonas and Susan Get Engaged Via Quizzo Answers

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Pretty awesome night last night at O’Neals.  Jonas and Susan, regulars on Bears are Scared of Jazz Hands, got engaged via quizzo answers, the 2nd time we’ve ever had that  happen at O’Neals. The first time was 8 years ago. It happened again at the Black Sheep in 2009; apparently this type of thing happens every 4 years. Regardless, I’m going to give the team a bonus point in the JGTAI, since Susan said yes. (Had she said no, I would be forced to take a point away.)

Here are the questions that led to THE QUESTION. The answers and how it all went down are posted below.

1. Fill in the blank on this 1987 musical hit: With or _______________.

2. A magazine, a cereal, and a board game.

3. The last name of Plan 9 from Outer Space director Ed.

4. What were the two initials of Mr. T’s character Baracas on the A-Team?

5. What is the 4 letter abbreviation for Mississippi?

6. What do you need to stab a vampire in the heart with to kill him?

7. What is the last name of conservative writer and baseball fan George, syndicated in over 450 papers?

8. The University of Miami is better known as the ___________.

9. She was queen of England from 1553-1558, and was known for her bloody persecution of Protestants.

10. What is the two letter abbreviation for Maine?

Bonus: Susan, please read the answers to numbers 1-10 and then give Jonas your answer.

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1. Without You

2. Life

3. Wood

4. BA

5. Miss

6. Stake

7. Will 

8. You 

9. Mary

10. ME

Bonus: Yes!

Here’s how it went down: Susan thought that Jonas had to work, and therefore wouldn’t be there for quizzo. So he waited outside with flowers and the ring until I got to the end of Round One, at which point I asked the bonus question. As I asked it, Jonas walked through the doors, flowers in hand. Susan read the answers (The team had been sure to have another player write answers down so she wouldn’t get tipped off too quickly) and then got a big smile on her face as Jonas arrived at the table. He dropped to one knee, asked the question, and she said yes, and then the crowd went wild. To celebrate the occasion, I played Journey.

Congratulations, guys! Two super-cool people I am proud to be friends with. I wish them a long, happy, and healthy relationship.

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