She Said Yes!


They met on South Street, their first date was on South Street, so it was only appropriate that he ask her to marry her on (ok, so near) South Street. Brian Garber asked Meghan Fitzgerald, his girlfriend of 4 years, to marry him at O’Neals on Tuesday-via quizzo answers! That’s right. Brian and I had arranged beforehand for the answers to the questions in round 1 to form THE QUESTION. The questions were as follows:

1. During the opening number in The Nightmare Before CHristmas, Jack Skellington is often referred to as this type of king.

2. Your left one of these is located in front of your mid cerebral artery.

3. Though she performs with it as her last name, this former member of the group Hole was born with it as a first name?

***4. Of the five vowels, which one is represented by the fewest tiles in Scrabble?

5. A kids museum in Philadelphia, located on North 21st Street, has a title that begins with an adverb. What is the adverb?

6. In the Greek alphabet, it’s BETA. What is it in English?

7. What were nine men trapped inside of in Somerset, PA in 2002?

8. In the movie Dogma, angels Bartleby and Loki are banished from heaven to live in Wisconsin. How long is their time on earth supposed to last?

9. This musician, whose first name is Matthew, put out a popular rock album in 1991 called Girlfriend.

10. The Detroit Pistons have a player named Tayshaun who regularly destroys the Sixers. What’s his last name?

The answers to those questions? 1. PUMPKIN 2. EYE 3. LOVE 4. U 5. PLEASE 6. B 7. MINE 8.FOREVER 9. SWEET 10. PRINCE.

Brian, who was in charge of writing down answers, gave Johnny a look at the conclusion of the round. That was Johnny’s cue to play “At Last” by Etta James. Brian then walked over to Meghan and said, “This is weird. Look at these answers.” As she was looking at them, a quizzical look came over her face. He then produced the ring, though he wasn’t able to drop to a knee. “I fell down the stairs this weekend and screwed up my back.” Her eyes lit up like Times Square, and in disbelief, she uttered, “Are you f****** kidding me?” That was quickly followed with a “Yes!” and champagne was produced. The crowd at the bar, confused at first, produced a hearty roar when Johnny told them what had happened, and an even heartier roar when he told them that in celebration he was giving everyone a perfect round 1 score. Meghan missed round 2 (The Ford or Chevy round). She was too busy running down South Street, showing off the ring to every single human being she passed.