JGTAI Standings After Two Weeks

photo 2

Here they are, the standings after two weeks have been completed. If the season ended today, teams in the gold and blue would have an automatic invite. Teams in the red would not. I have continued to post questions of the day on facebook, and although I already did one today, I’m gonna do another one later, since I missed yesterday. No more questions on twitter, since Greg was the only person getting them, and I might as well just give Savage Ear two points a day. However, you can still get points by mentioning my quiz on twitter, or by retweeting this story.

As for the couple above, they were San Franciscans in the midst of a cross-country trip and just so happened upon quizzo at the Sidecar on Monday. As you can see from their scoresheet, they didn’t do so hot, but they seemed to have a good time. We also had a team in from Manchester playing at O’Neals on Tuesday. They of course got to witness the week’s highlight. Wild week of quizzo, and next week should be even wilder. See ya then!


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