The Breaking Bad Science Quiz


With all the buzz about Breaking Bad today, I thought I’d throw this up on here. Both science and Breaking Bad geeks will get a kick out of it.

1. In the pilot episode, Walt makes colored fire. To turn a fire yellow, just add soudium chloride. What is soldium chloride better known as?

2. It’s getting pretty hard to buy cold medicine these days, because it contains this ingredient, used for making meth?

3. What chemical did they use to dissolve Krazy-8’s body?

4. In the 3rd episode, Walt starts thinking about the elements that make up the human body. The body is comprised primarily of 6 elements. What are they?

5. In season 2, Walt makes ricin, a poison made out of what kind of beans?

6. Fill in the blank on the walt quote: “When you start to feel overwhelmed, and you will, just keep in mind that one element, _________. ______________ is at the center of it all.

7. What type of powder does Walt derive from an Etch-a-Sketch to make thermite?

8. The title card of Breaking Bad includes the symbols for what two elements?

9. When their Winebago breaks down, Walt uses zinc, graphite, and potassium oxide to create a fuel cell, also known as this. It’s named after its inventor.

10. Walt chooses Heisenburg as his drug dealer name. What principle is Heisenberg best known for?


1. Table salt

2. Pseudoephedrine (or epinephrine)

3. Hydrofluoric acid

4. oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorous

5. castor

6. carbon

7. Aluminum

8. bromine and barium

9. galvanic

10. Uncertainty

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