Grandpa Gene Wins Mad Men Quiz at Trestle Inn

We had an awesome time at the Trestle on Sunday with our Mad Men quiz. In fact (dare I say it?) I kind of think the quiz was a little better than the premiere (was it just me, or was the premiere kind of boring?). Anyways, Grandpa Gene (above) came away with an thrilling 130-126 win over Popesack Resurrected (It was a 5 round quiz). Great bar, great drink specials, and a pretty damn fun quiz. We’re going to do an All-Philly quiz there at the end of April. Details coming soon. Here is the products round for those of you who missed it.

1. What product is promoted by comedian Jimmy Barrett?

2.  What diet cola did Pepsi make in 1963, in the show inspiring an ad that featured an Ann Margaret lookalike singing the opening number to Bye Bye Birdie?

3. Peggy’s first account is as a junior copywriter with this skin care company.

4. What airline do they advertise for right after a horrific plane crash, dropping Mohawk Air in the process?

5. What clothing company did Don give an ad featuring a nude model flashing the audience and the headline limit your exposure?

6. There were some who thought that this carmaker,  owned by General Motors, bought product placement, until Betty vomited in the car’s interior.

7. When Ken Cosgrove landed this account early in season 3, results were disastrous.

8. Perhaps the memorable pitch to date was one for this product in the season one finale, which he calls a “Time machine. It takes us to a place where we ache to go again.” (two word answer)

9. What product does Betty purchase for a dinner party, not realizing that Don had told Duck previously that Betty was the market for said product?

10.  In the famous drunken life cereal pitch in season 4, Don Pitches seven different slogans, including the one they pick. Name as many as you can for one point each.

  1. Utz
  2. Patio
  3. Clearasil
  4. American
  5. London Fog
  6. Cadillac
  7. John Deere
  8. Kodak Carousel
  9. Heineken
  10. Eat Life by the Bowlful
  11. Life is Just a Bowl of Life Cereal
  12. Life is Sweet
  13. Enjoy the Rest of Your Life
  14. Life. The Reason to get out of bed in the morning
  15. Life the Cure for the Common Breakfast
  16. Life It’s Sweetness Never Ends


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