International Quiz Tonight; News for Next Week

Great turnouts most of the week this week. Hopefully we keep that going tonight. We start at Ugly American at 8 p.m., then move to Bards at 10:15. Judging by last night’s results, this is one of the easier quizzes I’ve written in a while. All international questions.

As for next week, well, I’m headed out of town for a much needed respite from you nerds. Therefore, next week will be “Guest Host Week”. On Monday and Tuesday, Koob and Kristy will be hosting a Pop Culture quiz. On Wednesday and Thursday, Mike Minion will be hosting an Un-Pop Culture quiz. So if you read US Weekly and know all of the words to Ke$ha’s top hits, come out on Monday and Tuesday. If you’re a bit more high-brow, and want questions about physics and astronomy, come out to Mike Minion’s quiz on Wednesday-Thursday. Oh, and with Opening Day next week, I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw a few baseball questions as well. Should be an interesting week.

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