Possible Final Four Scenarios for our Bracket-tacular

Well, I stopped paying attention weeks ago, and with one team left in the Final Four, I don’t even think I have a chance to finish 50th. I am currently 79th out of 92 teams. There are some people who still have hope, however. Here’s how it could play out.

KENTUCKY. If Kentucky beats Louisville and then beats Ohio State in the Championship, then a team called JGT Bracket-tacular will win…despite having picked Missouri to make the Final 4. If Kentucky beats Kansas in the finals, then Julie will win.

LOUISVILLE. If Louisville beats Kentucky and then beats OSU in the finals, then James’s Bracket and Tiger Lily will finish tied for first and it will come down to a tiebreaker. If Louisville beats Kansas in the finals, then Julie will win. (Nobody in the pool had Louisville winning it all.)

OHIO STATE. If Ohio State beats Kentucky or Louisville in the Final game, then James Bracket will win outright.

KANSAS. If Kansas wins the title by beating Kentucky, then the Braqrat will take the title. However, if Kansas beats Louisville, then Anyone But Duke will win. I am sure their tourney was already made in the first round either way.

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