Oh Snap! JGT Invitational Combines with City vs. City Smackdown!

So we kick off the 2nd annual JGT Summer Invitational tonight at O’Neals and City Tap House. You know how the scoring works…but there are a couple of major wrinkles this time.

The Top 15 teams after 8 weeks will earn an invite. However, there will be a 9th week for a few “wild card teams” to do so. More on that later. Any team that scores 16 or more points in the following 8 weeks will have an opportunity at the $100 bonus drawing. There will once again be opportunities provided though both wins, physical challenges at various quizzos, and facebook challenges to earn points.

Each of the following 8 weeks will have a different theme. We start this week with Food and Drink. The other 7 themes will be (in no particular order. Working on guest hosts for some rounds now. Will let you know once I get calendar lined up):

  1. Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll
  2. Denver Rules (we’ll play by the rules the Geeks Who Drink play by in Denver).
  3. I Heart the 2000s Week
  4. Sports and Entertainment
  5. The Humanities
  6. Pictures, Mysteries, and Music
  7. Ladies Week

In addition, you’ll be able to score points by playing Koob and Kristy’s quizzes on Pop Culture. The Main Event will go down on Sunday, August 7th at National Mechanics (3rd between Market and Chestnut). But this will be more than just an event for local pride and glory; you’ll also be representing the city of Philadelphia, as we will be going City vs. City with Denver, Albuquerque, and Nashville. Our Top 10 scores will be averaged against their top 10 scores, with the winner gaining the bragging rights and the rights to name the Trophy. That’s right, there will be a trophy handed out to the winning city, and the winning city gets to name that trophy. The trophy will retain that name in perpetuity. So if you don’t want to be playing in the future for the Eddie George Cup or the Dog the Bounty Hunter Cup or some other such foolishness, be ready to bring your A-game. There are a couple of other cities that we’re currently discussing this with, so don’t be surprised to see a few more towns enter the mix as we move forward.

I REALLY WANT THE BEST TEAMS TO PLAY (Jams, Lambda, I’m looking at you). The winning city not only gets the glory, but they will get to name the Local Legend Cup. Don’t do it for yourselves. Don’t do it for me. Do it for your city. City vs. City Smackdown: It’s on.

3 thoughts on “Oh Snap! JGT Invitational Combines with City vs. City Smackdown!

  1. Haha, I forgot about that. Something tells me the Eddie George Cup won’t garner a whole lot of votes. I do think, however that the Milton Street Cup could garner a vote or two. How great would it be if we had to turn over the Milton Street Cup to Denver one year? 

  2. Bernard Hopkins Cup I’d think… I mean why wouldn’t it be named after Philly’s own Executioner. 

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