Fayette Crew Mafia Almost Perfect at Wire Quizzo

The Fayette Crew Mafia won The Wire quiz at POPE on Sunday night in what can only be described as a sheiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit show. It was a packed house, standing room only, and it was filled with people who are freaks about The Wire. I mean, I thought I knew the show, but these people really knew the show. The Fayette Crew Mafia got 39 out of 40 correct, plus all 4 bonuses, for an all time high score of 124. The only one they missed, they described who I was looking for but couldn’t think of the guys name (and it was a question about Baltimore, only partially about The Wire). The Dickensian Aspect of Cheese Faced Bitches and Some Shameful S*** tied for 2nd with a 109. The rest of the scores are posted after the jump. If there is enough demand I will rehost the same quiz later this week (maybe Friday?). Let me know if you want to play. I know a lot of people tried to play but it was just too packed.

  1. Fayette Crew Mafia 124
  2. Dickensian Aspect 109
  3. Some Shameful Shit 109
  4. All the Dinks 107
  5. Fuzzy Dunlop 105
  6. Tater Shot Me 104
  7. New Day Co-Op 103
  8. Hamsterdam’s Finest 102
  9. New Day Co-Op 100
  10. Wallace’s Revenge 98
  11. Where’s Wallace? 96
  12. Our Name is Our Name! 96
  13. Bodymore, Murdaland 94
  14. The Hotshots 93
  15. The Lonely Planets Guide to Hamsterdam 92
  16. The No-Heart Anthonys 89
  17. Whitey Sale 88
  18. The Go Get Shit Done Piece 86
  19. The Burners 85
  20. Fuzzyer Dunlop 82
  21. Oh s*** We Need a name? 79
  22. My Name is My Name 77
  23. Who Young Leek Be? 75
  24. The Greek 69
  25. WMDs 66
  26. Hamsterdam Civic Association 62
  27. Jukin the Stats 55
  28. 3 Wolf Moon 35

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