Quizzo Bowl After Party at City Tap House

CITYTAPHOUSE_LOGOQuizzo Bowl afterparty will be just a short cab ride away from the venue. We’ll be throwing down at the City Tap House after all is said and done. 3925 Walnut. Andy has promised us some great drink specials and we’ve got a side room all to ourselves where we can sit and mock the Penn undergrads who will be in the main bar area. Gonna be a great way to celebrate. (Or if the winners are Lambda or the Denver team, mourn.)

One thought on “Quizzo Bowl After Party at City Tap House

  1. Denver team name is The Rocky Mountain Oyster Cult. We are coming armed with props and moxie. Even if we come in 19th, we plan on behaving like we’re 5x champions. We have two savants on our team so we will be competitive and socially awkward. We are not afraid to insult Fishtown. We’re playing to win, but will settle for beating Sofa Kingdom, preferably in some sudden death tiebreaker runoff.

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