Quizzo Tonight

I’ve got a crazy day, getting three new local celebrities to record questions for Quizzo Bowl. Gonna be running all over the city, but all three of these guys are gonna be really good. This wild card round is gonna be one for the ages. Assuming of course, there are no technical difficulties, or the electricity goes out, and then I just stand on stage hollering out questions off the top of my head and the whole thing is a total disaster and people storm out the doors angry and my quizzo career is ruined. Not that I’m getting anxious or anything.

As for quizzo tonight, we start at the Locust Rendezvous at 6:15 p.m. $3 Magic Hat Vinyls and $2 Mich Ultras. Always a good quizzo crowd, and some of my favorite teams. The Jams and 1022 are in for Quizzo Bowl. Let’s see if any other Vous teams are gonna take their shot at ultimate glory (Barristers and Magnus, I’m looking at you.) Then on to the Black Sheep, who are going to be repped by Duane’s World. Who else? We’ll see. I’ll have tickets on me tonight. I’m telling you, folks, this wild card round alone is gonna be worth the cost of admission. It’s gonna be insane.

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