VOTE: What Should I Perform at Geek Bowl?

So there is a quizmaster talent show at Geek Bowl, and each quizmaster gets 3 minutes. Needless to say, no matter what I do, I am going to be booed vociferously. So I have a few options. I can perform an old classic like Flashdance to boos, or I can learn the words to Philadelphia Freedom and really get booed. Or I can just come up with a 3 minute stand up routine ripping Denver and the other cities there. Our team is going with the team name Philly Ray Cyrus, so I could also sing Achy Breaky Heart. Or I could just kick some ass with Ice Ice Baby. Whattya think I should do?

One thought on “VOTE: What Should I Perform at Geek Bowl?

  1. I’ve seen your performance of Rapper’s Delight, you should just wow them with that. Or just go all out with a performance that rips them while using Gallagher’s smashing fruit gimmick.

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