The Craziness Continues Tonight

overcrowding So far this year, the quizzo train has been packed with people at Vous and Black Sheep. We’ve been standing room only at both bars for the past month, and in fact a couple of teams got turned away last week at the Locust Rendezvous. Therefore, I would highly encourage you to make reservations at the Vous tonight. A small price to pay for $2 Buds and $3 Magic Hat Howls. 215-985-1163.

On to the Black Sheep, and like I said, it’s been rocking lately. I would highly encourage you to try to get there no later than 7:30, or you probably won’t get a table. Action starts at 8 p.m. Good quiz this week.

One more note: we’ve had a couple of amateur teams trying to get away with using their iphones the last few weeks. Don’t worry. I see them, I tell them once to stop, and after that I just knock 30 points of their scores. Why? Because teams that cheat never have the nerve to complain about their scores. Bottom line: don’t cheat at my quiz.

And of course, I’ll have Quizzo Bowl tickets for sale tonight. Keep in mind, this has sold out the past 6 years, so don’t wait too late to buy yours. This is going to be the best Quizzo Bowl ever. Guaranteed.

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