Quizzo Bowl VII: Greatest Hits Tix Now on Sale!

On Saturday, February 19th, we’re headed back to where it all began, the World Cafe Live. And we’re bringing back two of our greatest acts of all time. Haulin’ Oats, who ripped the roof off the Golden Palace in Quizzo Bowl V, are taking it to the next level. In addition to Hall and Oates jams, they are going to be playing all of your favorites from the 80s…though there are rumors of a Motown song or two, just to keep things honest. You think they sounded good in the Golden Palace, wait until you hear these guys shred in an actual music hall. It’s gonna be incredible. Furthermore, we are bringing back our greatest halftime act of all time, Norm Klar, who rocked the house at Quizzo Bowl II! He will be performing his amazing magic/comedy act for our halftime show. He is one of the funniest and most beloved comedians in Philadelphia, and I can’t wait to see him shock and astound again this year.

Of course, in addition to the Lovely Ginger and the Lovely Cookie, Fastball Bob will be returning this year to help co-host the event. (Also, if anyone has any room on their couch or even room in their garage, he could use a place to stay the weekend of the event.)

However, there is one aspect of previous Quizzo Bowls that will NOT be taking place this year. Johnny will NOT be rapping and dancing to open this one. And even if he were rapping, he certainly would not be performing an accompanying dance number with Chip Chantry. Such a thing would be ludicrous, and quite frankly, a bit immature.

Anyways, Johnny will have tickets on sale at Quizzo all week, where he will be selling them. They are $25 a pop. If you can’t make it to quizzo, you can buy them online, though there is a $2 service charge.

PREVIOUSLY: The official Quizzo Bowl VII promo, featuring Fastball Bob!

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