One Week From Geek Glory

Needless to say, my diss rap has caused a sensation in Denver. Denver’s Westword News said that I “sound like Kris Kross as covered by Marty Culp.” Meanwhile, the Boulder Weekly called me a “dweeb”. Jam Master Phil, who was working in Colorado Springs this week, texted me he talked to some people there who were even dissing my rap skills. I may be a lowlife quizmaster here in Philly, but in the greater Denver Metropolitan area, I am apparently kind of a big deal.

The team has been fully assembled. Unfortunately, Jam Master Phil had to bow out this year due to quiz related injuries, but we added some fresh blood to the team. CB4 has played with my team several times at the Westbury, and has a long history of finishing 2nd to Sofa Kingdom at the New Deck in the good ol’ days. And he seems to be pretty damn sharp. Does he know all of his 90s R&B songs like JMP? Perhaps not, but he can definitely fill some gaps. As for the rest of the team, I’ll try to get some interviews next week, but they’re all familiar faces to anyone who knows the quizzo scene. Garbo, Swan, Koob, and Nate Dawg. And while I think I chipped in like 2 answers last year, needless to say my work as hype man has been superb. The team name: Philly Ray Cyrus. Which reminds me: does anyone have a mullet wig I can borrow? (Seriously.)

In other quizzo news: Great week this past week. One match went to overtime, one was determined by 1 point, one determined by 2 points. Should be another great week next week. A couple of quick notes:

Please call to make reservations for next week’s quiz at the Vous. Things have gotten so packed there lately they need to start taking reservations. Black Sheep has been bouncing off the walls too lately. Best shot to get a full team table these days? O’Neals, City Tap House, and Ugly American. We had a great crowd at the American this week, but the place is huge, as is City Tap House. At O’Neals, we’ve had nice crowds the past few weeks, but there has definitely been one table open each week.

Helped a team win Mike’s quiz at the Westbury on Monday. His last couple of quizzes have been really good. Check him out at the Westbury now that he’s moved his time up to 9 p.m. He’s hosting “Mike Magical Mystery Quiz” next week. Two mystery rounds, one of which is a musical mystery round. That’ll be at the Westbury on Monday at 9 p.m. and Terrace Taproom Tuesday at 8 p.m. Have a great weekend everybody!

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