Off to Denver

I’ll be constantly updating our Denver adventure here on the website, on twitter and onfacebook. Real time stuff during the actual Geek Bowl will be updated between rounds on twitter. And I’ll be taking plenty of video. In fact, I should have some posted by this evening on the website, so be sure to check back. The mullet wigs have been secured, thanks to the good people at Percy Street BBQ (awesome BBQ, by the way) and my buddy Casey at Flying Fish. Now we just need to find some denim shirts and Philly Ray Cyrus will be complete. Meanwhile, there’s been another anti-Philly battle rap, and it’s actually not half bad. That said, we’re done rapping…we’re going to let our trivia answers do the talking from here on out.

PICS AND SCORES: All of the scores, quizze news, and avatars will be posted on Monday. No time today.

3 thoughts on “Off to Denver

  1. The wigs from Percy Street were probably the same ones I was trying to get you. Glad it worked out for you, kick some ass.

  2. Good luck to you and your team, JGT, and best wishes as always.

    BTW, if any of you get lucky out there, make sure you use a condom. I’ve heard that there are a lot of sexually transmitted diseases in that Denver quizzo crowd. And whatever you do, don’t let that Dicker character talk you into hooking up with any of his animal friends.

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