Meet the Geeks

Quick word of advice: if you have a major trivia event that you fly 2,000 miles to participate in, DO NOT consume numerous Long Island Ice Teas the night before, no matter how reasonably priced they are. Also, it is NEVER a good idea to return to a bar you were in earlier, except the 2nd time wearing mullet wigs. Our brains are mush, and our bodies are weak, and any worries my wife might have had about me flirting with women can be put to rest. Garbo in a mullet wig made sure of that.

Unfortunately, our fearless leader Swanson is fighting a fierce cold. He didn’t even make it out for dinner last night, and he has been in bed for the past 15 hours. We are praying for a Michael Jordan “Flu Game” performance from Swanson. The rest of us are moderately healthy, though as I stated earlier, extremely hung over. We did not take into account that we’re a Mile High. In fact, we didn’t take into account much of anything. We were accountless. I will be updating throughout tonight’s event on twitter.

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