Updated JGTSI Scoreboard


Here they are folks, our scores through 6 weeks (not including the latest physical challenges). With one week left to go, things are getting very interesting. A couple of things to note: first of all, word on the street is that the Jams will not be able to make it. That means that at least one team will move into the Top 10 who is not there now. Inglorious Barristers, My Name is Buck, and Big Bed With My Wife may want to really start thinking about some physical challenges. Doing a single physical challenge could be worth $200.

Meanwhile, I know that Narcotyzing also cannot make it (and I haven’t seen Newman’s own in weeks). That means that all of those teams right below the 25 slot have a chance to move up. In other words, even if you haven’t played yet, you are probably one win away from qualifying. This final week will be huge.

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