As We Head Down the Homestretch, EVERYONE is Still Alive

jgtinvite3I ran into someone yesterday who plays quizzo semi-regularly. I asked him if his team was gonna make a push this week. He said, “No, I think we’re out of it.” Not so fast. In fact, no one is out of it. Here’s the deal: two team in the Top 10 can’t make it, and two others are joining forces as one. That knocks out 3 teams right off the bat, and means that the teams currently tied for 25th have 3 points each. In other words: even if you’ve never played yet, all you need to do this week is finish in 2nd place, and you’ve got a pretty decent chance of earning an invite. I will have invitations on me tonight to hand out. Several teams have already secured their spots. If your team really wants to play, I would highly suggest taking part in the latest physical challenge on facebook.

As for the actual event. It takes place this Sunday at Urban Saloon at 4 p.m. $10 admission, and in addition to quizzo there will be jazz. Winner gets $400, 2nd gets $200, and top 10 teams present have a shot at $200 drawing. Gonna be a fun show, and after it’s done we’ll hang out and watch the Phils game, which is the Sunday night game of the week.

Tonight, an interesting development. Savage Ear has already earned a spot at the JGTSI, and rumor has it that they will not be playing tonight at O’Neals. That means that O’Neals could be a great bet to score a win this week and qualify your team. Action starts at O’Neals at 8 p.m.

We move to Bards at 10:15 p.m. Steak Em Up is tough to beat, sure, but that 2nd place spot is wide open. $.50 Mexican beers at O’Neals, $2.50 Lagers at Bards. Hope to see ya tonight!

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