Philly Comedian and Quizzo Regular Kills on America’s Got Talent

Philly comedian, Team Friendship member and all around good guy Doogie Horner killed last night on America’s Got Talent. Awesome. The crowd was trying to eat him alive and he didn’t let it happen. I can’t explain how difficult that is to do. A crowd that size turns on you and you get them back? Unheard of.

6 thoughts on “Philly Comedian and Quizzo Regular Kills on America’s Got Talent

    1. Fishtown? FISHTOWN?!? Don't get me started. Cheers to Doogie. Wish I'da known it was on beforehand. But whatever. He was awesome.

  1. That's a classic Dan. I saw it once before but it never gets old. “You got Joe Frazier, but he's black so you can't deal with him, so you make a statue for some 3 foot f***ing Italian, you f***ing stupid Philly cheese eaters.” Brilliant.

  2. Nhoff-Unfortunately, he was working in front of a bunch of mindless morons that make up the America's Got Talent crowd. He has some brilliant jokes, but he didn't get to tell them. It's kind of a shame that he made his mark by screaming at those morons, but in today's society, screaming at people is more likely to attract notice than actual talent. Nonetheless, winning a crowd back that has turned on you is all but impossible. That's what was impressive to me, not the actual jokes. Or were you talking about Bill Burr?

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