Last Week’s Mystery Round

PRZ-007376Here it is, last week’s Mystery Round. At least one word in the first 9 answers has something in common with all of the other answers. See if you can figure out what it is. Answers are after the jump. (If you like the quiz and want to stump your friends, hit the facebook like button below. To take more JGT quizzes, click here.)

  1. What street was made famous by Sherlock Holmes?
  2. Now the 3rd largest pizza chain in the US, it was founded by a 22 year old in 1984.
  3. What was the last name of the guy who gave us Deep Thoughts on Saturday Night Live?
  4. It’s a word that could be used to describe Bob Ross, and also the last name of the Indianapolis Colts backup quarterback.
  5. Demi Moore posed pregnant and naked on the cover of this magazine, edited by Graydon Carter, in 1991.
  6. In what country will you find Walloons and Flanders?
  7. Fill in the blank on the Vanilla Ice lyric: “Take heed, cause I’m a lyrical _______.”
  8. It was the nickname of a 1930s gangster and a 1980s R&B singer whose real name was Kenneth Edmonds.
  9. It’s the name of a brand of skateboard trucks and a small SUV made by Geo and later Chevy.
  10. What do the answers to number 1-9 have in common?


  1. Baker
  2. Papa John’s
  3. Handey
  4. Painter
  5. Vanity Fair
  6. Belgium
  7. poet
  8. Babyface
  9. Tracker
  10. What do they all have in common? Baker, Papa, Handy, Painter, Vanity, Poet, Baby, and Tracker are all names of Smurfs. They hail from the answer to #6, Belgium.

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