Quizzo Bowl News and Notes

PrintFirst of all, Quizzo Bowl tickets are moving fast. I am at almost 100 sold. Which means that if you have not already bought them yet, you should definitely do so this week. That includes the “regulars” (Sofa Kingdom, Lambda, Duane’s World, etc.) The buzz is spreading (It’s already up on Phillyfunguide and I am expecting press coverage next week.) I am expecting another sellout this year, so don’t wait until the day of to buy your tix, because there is a good chance they will be gone by then.

Here is the 5 minute guide to Quizzo Bowl, and here is the facebook invite. ¬†Also want to send a shout out to Owen, who designed this year’s Quizzo Bowl logo. I will have tickets on me tonight at quizzo.

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