Quizzo Power Rankings


  1. Steak Em Up. Finally regain the top spot with a loss by L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics. Last week: #2
  2. Lambda Lambda Lambda. 5 straight wins at O’Neals and a win over the Diabetics at the Ugly American. These guys are serious about a three-peat. Last week: #3
  3. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics. 8 game win streak finally snapped. Still a Quizzo Bowl Dark Horse. Last week: #1
  4. This spot reserved for any team to knock off any of the top 3 this week. In the past few weeks, there have been three dominant teams. They are all listed above. Any team that knocks them off this week is guaranteed the #4 spot. Last week: NR
  5. Duane’s World. Are they getting hot at the right time? 2 wins in the last three weeks. Last week: #5
  6. The Jams. How to rank the teams at the Rendezvous? 5 winners in the last 6 weeks. What was once the Jams birthright is now the most competitive game in town. Jams hold down the #6 spot as the only team in the last 6 weeks to win twice. Last week: #4
  7. 1022. A thrilling win at the Rendezvous this week, this is a team on the rise at the right time. Last week: NR
  8. The Champs. Haven’t been on the winner’s podium much lately, but their 2 Quizzo Bowl wins and 3rd place finish last year earn them a Top 10 spot. Last week: NR
  9. Axis of Evil Knieval. A 2nd Place finish at the Bards keeps them in the 9 spot. Last week: #9
  10. The Unusual Suspects. Finish third at Black Sheep. This is the team we are personally rooting for at Quizzo Bowl. Why? Because they finished dead last in 2009. Would love to see the worst to first story become a reality. Last week: NR

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