Goodtimes, Kingdom Headed to Denver for Geek Bowl

A few months ago the city of Philly was challenged by John Dicker, the head of the corporate behemoth Geeks Who Drink. (Seriously, these guys are everywhere now.) But he’s based in Denver, and that’s where Geek Bowl IV will be held. Well, not surprisingly, the one local group that was interested in the offer was the Sofa Kingdom. The four main members of the Kingdom (Nate, Koob, Garbo, and Swanson) then added me and Phil from the Jams to round out the 6 person squad. We are headed out there in a couple of weeks to represent Philadelphia and bring home the thousands in cash and prizes. We’ve bought our plane tickets and gotten the hotel. Now it’s 2 1/2 weeks of intensive mental workouts. With the Eagles season done, the Flyers kinda so-so, and the Sixers stinking, this may be Philly’s best chance to come home with a trophy until October. We take representing this city very seriously, and will do our damndest to bring home that trophy.

5 thoughts on “Goodtimes, Kingdom Headed to Denver for Geek Bowl

  1. Wow, there's a lot of material here, but I suppose size matters. Speaking of which, JGT, did your “ex” marry John because you're dick, but he's Dicker? (snarf)

  2. I heard rumors of this over the weekend and was more excited than I care to admit. Don't come back without the trophy or Brian Dawkins! REPRESENT!

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