JGT, Chip, and Steve Gerben in Comedy Show This Friday

jgtHey kids, for those of you who want to see me fail, this Friday will be a ripe opportunity, as I will be performing standup for the first time in months. Gonna be a great show with Chip and quizzo regular Steve Gerben. The show, called Bing Supernova’s Cavalcade of Fools, will take place on Friday night at the Latvian Society, right near the Edgar Allan Poe house on 7th and Spring Garden. Show kicks off at 10 p.m. and tix are $10. For more details and to buy tickets, click hereĀ .

4 thoughts on “JGT, Chip, and Steve Gerben in Comedy Show This Friday

  1. I'm seeing you fail right now! The headline reads “Saturday”, but the post reads “Friday.”

    Chip is working his way through the former Soviet states. First the Latvian Society this weekend, then the big Armenian comedy show on January 30 (with me and Pat Barker).

  2. I will come for the following reasons:

    #1 I haven't seen you in forever
    #2 I have never heckled anyone but think I would be good at it
    #3 I'm Lithuanian so I feel an obligation

    We can drink there, right? Otherwise all bets are off.

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