Denver vs. Philly: The Smacktalking Has Begun

Needless to say, if the Sofa Kingdom and I are going to dominate in Denver for Geek Bowl IV, we’re gonna need to do it right and rep the Illadelph. And Philly is renowned for its trash-talking capabilities. So I have decided to up the ante by verbally assaulting the other cities that will be attending on their website. As someone who was all but raised by Ric Flair, I think that no great event can go down without some serious smack talk, and, as they say, it ain’t braggin if you can back it up. And I have to give Denver credit. For being a bunch of pencil necked weasels, it didn’t take them long to return the verbal jabs in the comments section. Let the battle begin!

7 thoughts on “Denver vs. Philly: The Smacktalking Has Begun

  1. Now you're asking for it JGT. Since you're promoting this as Philly vs. Denver, I'm now hoping that one of our teams from a tiny town like Grand Junction, Albuquerque or Boulder opens 40 ounces of whoop ass. That way you have to go home and confess that you were beaten by a team that isn't even in the top 30 metro markets.

    Go Grand Junction!

  2. BTW, big props to you Sofa/Steak/JGT guys if you actually do well in this thing. As you know, the home field advantage out there will be significant, not because of nerves, travel and the lines of female groupies at your hotel rooms all night, but because everyone whose ever played under their format, with their quizmaster, will have an advantage. You know, because of cadence, proclivities and what-not. And it's the what-not that could be most treacherous.

    1. Yeah, that's why I didn't post this in your pomposity room. It does read sort of lame, I agree. But you have to admit it's true, right?

  3. I actually don't know. The quizmaster shouldn't be an issue since this will be hosted by multiple QMs, the only thing I'd say formatwise is we do more music rounds than JGT and more visual type rounds and that factors heavily so in that sense, yeah, it could be a game changer. Or not.

  4. I think Hunter is right. The teams that do best at my quizzos are the ones that play the most. I don't think they are necessarily the smartest, but they are used to types of questions I ask and have developed a formula to working them out. That being said, it's the hookers at the door the night before that have me the most concerned.

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