Remembering the 90s: The White Bronco

Who can forget the circumstances of the White Bronco chase? I was watching the Knicks-Rockets game, as a lot of people were, when suddenly this surreal scene came on the television. It was OJ in the White Bronco, riding with his former teammate Al Cowlings and considering suicide. After all, he had just killed his wife found out that his wife was dead, so he was devastated. Al Cowlings claimed that OJ held a gun to his head and forced him to drive the Juice around. TMZ has asked Cowlings on multiple occasions if he and OJ are still friends, but Cowlings refuses to answer. It is unknown what happened to the Bronco.

There are some who think that OJ not only killed his wife rode in that Ford Bronco but in fact killed the Ford Bronco, as production halted in 1996. This led to the brilliant line on Arrested Development from a car salesman to George, Sr. Yeah, the Bronco’s been discontinued. We’re trying to shed that whole fugitive on the run thing. (Pointing to another Ford car) This is the Escape.

Where were you when the Ford Bronco chase went down? I was watching the Knicks game (worst 7 game NBA Finals ever, btw) at a hotel with a bunch of friends in Ocean City, Md.

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