Three Bounty Bowls This Week!

BOUNTYHey kids, I am probably gonna end up going broke by the end of the week. But this isn’t about me. It’s about you. You can win BIG MONEY this week at quizzo. First of all, at O’Neals, The Ear has pulled off 5 straight wins, and anyone who knocks them off gets $20 cash in addition to the gift certificate. The same holds true at the Ugly American, as L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics have again established a foothold with 5 straight W’s. $30 off bar tab in addition to $20 cash to anyone who knocks them off this week. Finally, at the Bards it is just getting ridiculous. Steak Em Up won this past week in OT over Duane’s World. The bounty there is up to $35, in addition to the $40 GC, making this Thursdays quiz worth a crazy $75 for the winners! A great week to make it out to the quiz.

5 thoughts on “Three Bounty Bowls This Week!

  1. Due to recruiting violations, I refuse to acknowledge the team that added the best player on the 2nd best team as legitimate. It's like the Fab Five in the early 90s. Yeah, Michigan won those games on the court, but their official record is like 0-72.

  2. Sounds like you're just making excuses. I'm pretty sure this the first time any team has obtained two Bounty Bowls in the same week. Give the people some incentive to take us down on Tuesday as well. If you're really that strapped for cash, I'll post the $20.

  3. Steak Em Up is like a well-oiled machine that relies on its interchangeable parts. Remember that SEU won the last two Thursday bounty bowl contests without either Garbo or the vaunted Kenny. Johnny Goodtimes' standards of arbitrary rulings are almost as foundationless as the BCS's. See that? JGT-BCS. I think I'm onto something.

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