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  • jgtlogoFirst of all, remember Fall Brawl is going down this Saturday at the East Falls Marketplace at 5 p.m. Live music, beer, and $250 in prizes. I know that some of our top teams are lined up to play. Should be a fun time.
  • Pics of Thursdays winners forthcoming. I took the photos on my dad’s camera, he went back to VA, and now he can’t figure out how to send them via email. I am currently in talks with my sister, who I am hoping can take over the project and get those pics sent to Philadelphia. I will let you know how things develop in this very delicate process.
  • Quizzo taking foothold in Kansas City.
  • 168 Hour Film and Sketch Spookyfest next Monday at Khyber. If you want to put together a “Haunting” skit  or video for our show, please let me know, and you will receive the email tonight with the prop, One Liner, and rules. You will have a mere 168 hours to complete your project, so use your time wisely.
  • Is Denver’s Evil Empire expanding toward Philadelphia? Geeks Who Drink CEO John Dicker and I have long been friends, and I have marveled at his ability to expand his empire. But now he is hitting close to home. He has started quizzo in Charlottesville, VA, within one days marching distance of Philadelphia. Be forewarned, Dicker, my sentries have scattered to the city walls.  My archers are practicing their aim. My phalanx are…doing whatever it is phalanxes do. You’ve been warned!

5 thoughts on “Lots of Quizzo News

  1. How about posting last week's power rankings before this week's quizzos are over? Dammit JGT, don't you know that Vegas can't publish the betting lines for this week's action without the power rankings. Do your job, man!

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