Scientology, Sean Connery, and Bicycle Kicks: What We Learned Last Week


  • Last week we learned that Operating Thetan VIII is the highest level you can achieve in Scientology. Here’s a pretty good run down of each of the 8 levels, and what they can do for you, provided you have the hundreds of thousands of dollars that are required to learn the ultimate secrets of life and an ability to wade through giant swamps of bulls***.
  • In the bicycle round of Thursdays kicks, we had the question, “Spanish sports fans call this a chalaca or chilena. What is it?” The answer is found here.
  • Another bicycle round question was, “This 1948 film is considered by many to be one of the greatest films ever. What is it?” The answer is the Bicycle Thief, and here is a review of it by the New York Times. Tim Burton considered Pee Wee’s Big Adventure to be a loose remake of the film.
  • Last week’s question of the week was: “Lana Turner’s boyfriend once pulled a gun on Sean Connery, only to have Connery snatch it from him and beat him up. Who was he?” The answer was Johnny Stompanato. In case you missed it, here’s a pretty good rundown of what happened.

In 1957 he had been cast by Hollywood bombshell Lana Turner as her love interest in a small British-made picture called Another Time, Another Place…rumours quickly began circulating on set that the screen lovers had continued the action off screen.

Connery was also seen on her arm at West End shows and in fashionable London restaurants. It did not take long for word of their relationship to travel across the Atlantic to the ears of Turner’s hoodlum boyfriend Johnny Stompanato.

Stompanato was a snappily dressed small-time crook with a taste for violence…He boarded a plane for London to sort out the man he thought was sleeping with his girlfriend…Stompanato, consumed with jealousy and anger, burst into the studios in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire, where Turner and Connery were filming, and waved a gun at Connery, warning him to stay away from the actress. Connery wrestled the gun off him and laid him out cold with a right hook.

A few months later, Stompanato was killed by either Turner or her daughter in one of Hollywood’s most notorious scandals.

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