Fall Smackdown Update

I’m kind of liking Sunday afternoon, October 4th. Not definite, but that’s what I’m kind of kicking around in my head. Maybe around 3ish in the afternoon. I want to do it early in October so we’re not up against the Phils in the playoffs. Yes, the Phils have a game that day, but they should have the division wrapped up by then barring a Mets-like collapse. We’d have the event wrapped up by early Sunday evening so people working the next day would be home early and for people wanting to party, it will be a lot easier to find a place to have an afterparty on a Sunday than on a Saturday. As for location, I’m dropping another photo hint above.

Thoughts, concerns?

4 thoughts on “Fall Smackdown Update

  1. I vote no. Phils are playing, and while it doesn't matter, its Fan Appreciation Day, which will be a total sell out (and I'll be there), so there will be people with conflicts.

  2. I could possibly do it later on Saturday, say around 5 p.m. The reason that I pretty much need to do it that weekend is this: the playoffs start the next week, and the Phils play on Saturday AND Sunday of both weeks. Of course, we won't know the schedule until like a few days before the games. So it's pretty much October 3rd weekend or bust.

  3. Actually, looking over the schedule again, if the Phils make the NLCS, they will have the 17th off, so I could possibly do it then, though that's the first week of basketball, so it would be a long day. And I already told the band the weekend of the 4th, so I'm kind of sticking to that.

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