The 2009 JGT Moneyboard (thru July 31)

moneyHere it is, kids, the JGT 2009 Moneyboard. This does not include results from last week or so far this week. Also, a couple of teams who keep changing their name might have been skipped. Keep in mind, Bards and the Black Sheep both offer a $40 fiirst place prize, Ugly American offers $30 first place prize, and O’Neals and Locust Rendezvous offer a $25 first place prize.

One thought on “The 2009 JGT Moneyboard (thru July 31)

  1. Now that you've outted teams to the IRS, are you going to start withholding taxes and sending 1099 forms? Let's hope the all the clever pseudonyms serve to throw the taxman off the track. BTW, “Taxman” is a great Beatles tune. Question: according to the song, what is the tax rate? It's not given explicitly, but you can figure it out.

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