Teens Pick Favorite Character from the Wire

the-wire-season-4As you know, several friends from the quizzo community and I have been working in a summer program at the Marian Anderson Rec Center, concentrating heavily on Math and Writing. Just wanted to point you in the direction of the latest, as the guys picked their favorite characters on The Wire. (Most of them had already seen it, and we watched several episodes from Season 4). I know that several of you are Wire fans (since it is the greatest show in the history of television), so I thought you might dig it. Feel free to add who your favorite character is and why in their comments section. The guys really get fired up when they see that they get comments. Personally, my favorite character is Omar. I think he is one of the most original characters in the history of TV, and his adherence to a strict moral code while living as a stick-up man constantly challenged my own sense of morals.

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