Quizzo Tonight

Both the Jams at the Locust Rendezvous and Duane’s World at Black Sheep try to move up the rankings tonight.┬áIf your team can stop either one, then you will certainly get consideration on the power rankings, in addition to the gift certificate and the glory. Rendezvous starts at 6:15 p.m., Black Sheep starts at 8 p.m. See ya tonight!

4 thoughts on “Quizzo Tonight

  1. If the last few years are any indication, those starting times are given in Johnny Good Time (JGT), which exists on a completely different plane than the EDT the rest of us have our clocks set to. Teams of scientists have yet to discover any correlation between the two.

    1. It might be possible that yiou have broken Rule II of your own Rules of Quizzo, which I believe is “Do not piss-off the Quiz-Master”. just warnin'

  2. Only quizmasters who are very particular, about such things as spelling, full names, accents grave and acute, and the difference between, say, Greek and Latin, actually start at the official time. They have no imagination.

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