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Wow! What a week! First of all, Quiz on Your Face won in their first ever appearance at the Bards. Then we had one of the biggest upsets in quizzo history, as the Barstool Racers, who finished last two weeks ago (and have the My Little Pony coloring book to prove it), knocked off the Jams at the Rendezvous. Duane’s World (going by Eschaton) crushed the opposition at the Black Sheep, winning by 32. That perhaps got them fired up for THursday night, when they came from behind in the 4th round to edge the L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics at the Ugly American, 108-104, and end the Diabetics 8 game winning streak. That did not, however, affect our power rankings all that much. Here’s how they currently stand:

  1. L. Ron Hubbard’s Diabetics-They won 8 straight and carried a perfect score into round 4 last night, only missing two questions all game. This is simply the best team in quizzo. 
  2. Duane’s World-To be the man, you gotta beat the man, and Duane’s World did just that. In addition, they blew the other squads out of the water at the Sheep. Of course, I’m a little bitter I had to pay them $35 last night. These Bounty Bowls are hurting my net income. 
  3.  Hurtin Bombs-A nice win Thursday, but whither the future of the Bombs? Rene (the guy who looks like Erik Estrada with a moustache) leaves town today, leaving the future of the squad up in the air.
  4. The Jams-Their worst performance in years drops them in the rankings. 74 points was a fluke, however. I expect them to bounce back big next week. 
  5. Stimulate Your Prostate-The artists formerly known as the Sofa Kingdom simply haven’t been the same since Swanson left town. Koob and Nate are on the Atkins Diet: is it affecting their brains?
  6. Why’s John’s Rum Gone-There is a lot of parity at O’Neals, but out of several teams that are very close in talent, John’s Rum gets the edge. 
  7. Quiz on Your Face-Have proven to be a real rival for the Jams, then went on the road and won at Bards. This is a team on the rise. 
  8. Narcotyzing Dysfunktion-They could swing either way: Becoming the team to beat at Bards or take the rest of the summer off. We’ll see. 
  9. Sir Lancelost-The team that always changes their name didn’t play this week, but in the two weeks previous they won at O’Neals and then Rendezvous, so they crack the top ten. 
  10. Barstool Racers- An honorary degree, as their persistence and refusal to quit after numerous last place finishes finally paid off in a startling upset. An inspiration to us all.

Others receiving votes: Lambda, Savage Henry, Same Name as Last Week, 1022, Catdog, Axis of Evil Knieval

24 thoughts on “Quizzo Power Rankings!

    1. No problem, but you didn't post the scores with the pictures last week as you did this week. Just wonderin

  1. I don't think a 4th or 5th place finish should be recognized for anything other than ridicule. Just sayin'

  2. I like the rankings better, especially because my fantasy quizzo team sits at the top of the heap. Can this translate into some kind of seeding/betting system for Quizzo Bowl?

    1. I think a betting system that depends on either odds(Barstool Racers are 8-1 to repeat next week) or a spread (Duane's World are +12 at the Black Sheep) would be a fantastic addition.

  3. I will now perform a trick I have only pulled out of the bag twice before, once at the World's Fair in NYC in '64 and again at Comic-Con during the Summer of Love: I will read Steve O's mind verbatim (or ver-thought-im). Here goes: “Argue over the scraps from Longshanks' table all you want: there's only one real measure of a Quizzo team and that's at Quizzo Bowl. The rest of this dreck is to keep the kids on the JV squad happy.” Oh, wait, I'm getting a couple other things (this is unprecedented!)… let's see.. “Karate trophies…” and, and… “Mmmm, Pop Tarts.” God, it's exhausting when I do that.

  4. I like the rankings in general but they're hollow this week and here's why:

    a. the only reason that team keeps winning at Ugly American is because that bar is 2000 miles away and no real team feels the need to travel all the way to Wilmington to play quizzo.

    b. Stimulate Your Prostate is undergoing some remodeling. If you remember correctly, SYP is a combination of the two greatest quizzo teams ever, Western Omelette and Sofa Kingdom. Furthermore, both these team achieved their dominance at Bards, by far the most difficult and prestigious venue on the Goodtimes circuit. Once the transformation is complete, the temporarily-named SYP will have a new name and will establish itself as the most dominant force in Quizzo.

    1. Sorry BMT, but you're wrong about L. Ron Hubbard's Diabetics. I agree with their current #1 ranking. During their run at Ugly American they defended against Steve O's Lamda team and The Axis of Evil Knieval teams at least twice. Both very good quizzo teams. We (Duane's World) seemed to get the better of them many of the times they played Black Sheep, but they do have a win and several 2nd place finishes there this year. We never thought it would take us four tries to knock them off and collect the bounty, but it did. They seem to have fine-tuned their line-up to cover most of the areas of knowledge needed to be a very successful trivia team. During the last eight weeks they've scored the highest score for the Thursday quiz, including the scores from the Bards, four times and had the second highest score at the combined venues twice. No other team approaches that kind of dominance. They were very gracious in defeat and lots of fun to follow and play against during their remarkable run. Disrespect them at your risk.

      1. Agreed, JohnniE, and well said, though you very graciously elected not to mention that Duane's World has yet to bring its full allowance of 8 players to the challenge at Ugly American.

        1. Lambda never brings more than 4 anywhere, except Quizzo Bowl. We have played 3 times as a Lambda team this year (meaning with more than 2 of us), as far as I know. We had 4 the night of MJ's death and won by about 18 at the Bards (against about 12 teams). We had 3 at the Ugly American and came in 2nd (losing by about 10), and had 4 at the Ugly American and came in 3rd (losing by 7).

          That being said, I understand our lack of a ranking, as we don't have the minimum AB required for the batting title.

          And THAT being said, karate trophies, people!

      2. Aw Thanks JohnniE! You guys are great and equally gracious in your win! Hope to see you at the Ugly American again sometime soon!

      3. Just for the record: It took four tries AND adding a memeber of Satan's Minions to knock them off. Satan's Minions may not be the team we once were, but we are very good mercenanies. Our price: One soul = one quizzo victory.

  5. JGT,
    Seeing the number of posts on this subject, I believe the fans would like to see the 2009 JGT Tour Moneyboard I prepared for you a couple of weeks ago. Just sayin'

    1. I'll have the update for you this week. Could you post the top two scores from each venue for Tues. 7/21 through Thurs. 7/23? The win, place and show pitures are up, but without any scores. Thanks.

  6. JohnniE, thanks for the heartfelt defense of L.Ron and the crew. I was dragging that team out every week with only minimal success. Then I moved to NY, only show up occasionally, and they got super-smart without me. My dreams of a quizzo powerhouse are carried on by my buds, and their superior intellects!

  7. there should be a way to adjust the power rankings based on the number in each team. ya think the ranking might be a bit different if you divide the scores by the number of team members??

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