7 thoughts on “Lead Singer Quiz

    1. Good job. I missed a lot. 120. And the question about Naughty By Nature is flipped, isn't it? The question is Naughty By Nature but the answer is Treach.

  1. I may be wrong, but I believe this pretty thing is Sebastian Bach, who; after years of looking and acting like a woman (sorry, girls, I probably could have worded this better because I am fond of most within your set and not him) unleased tirades of homophobic bile because most of his fan-appreciation seemed to be coming from guys. Not sure, just thinkin'

    1. Yep, its the same douchebag. And he is a homophobe. Isn't he the one who wore the tshirt “AIDS kills fags dead.” Or was that Axel Rose, another “classy” fella?

  2. Ah, yes Sebestian Bach will never live that moment down- apparently a fan threw the t-shirt at him during a concert, he out it on and the rest is history- along with his stint on Broadway in “Jekyll and Hyde” (which I saw in it's first run in HS) and his lovable yet creepy older character on “The Gilmore Girls”…

    Also, this was by far my favorite quiz of all time, and if it is a sign that JGT will be doing more music trivia- I will most certainly show my face around the quizzo community a bit more

    Ps. Where is the frontwomen love?

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