Quizzo Bowl Round 4

  1. In 1948, he became the first and still only actor to win a Best Actor for a film which he also directed. Who is he?
  2. How many US states share a land border with Canada?
  3. Which of these Mark Twain books was published first?
    a) Prince and the Pauper b) Tom Sawyer c) A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court d) Huckleberry Finn
  4. In what year did Melrose Place debut?
  5. This Greek mathematician is known as the father of geometry, as his work elements is the most succesful textbook in math history.
  6. What is the highest grossing romantic comedy of all time, according to box office mojo?
    a) What Women Want b) Sex and the City c) My Big Fat Greek Wedding d) Pretty Woman
  7. What was the last team to lose back to back NCAA championship games?
  8. What is the life expectancy of a baby born in the US in 2009?
  9. Future president Andrew Jackson was one of the founders of this city, where Justin Timberlake was born.
  10. Most of a human bodies mass is oxygen. What element is 2nd, making up 18% of the bodies weight?
    a) hydrogen b) nitrogen c) carbon d) calcium
  11. Penn was the first Big Five school founded. What was the second one?
  12. ***What was Hall and Oates first Billboard #1 hit?


  1. Laurence Olivier
  2. eleven
  3. B) Tom Sawyer
  4. 1992
  5. Euclid
  6. My Big Fat Greek Wedding
  7. Michigan (1992 and 1993)
  8. 78 years
  9. Memphis
  10. Carbon 18%
  11. Villanova (1842)
  12. Rich Girl

3 thoughts on “Quizzo Bowl Round 4

  1. That “first and still only actor” question is flawed. Benigni did the same thing in 1998. But since you included the date, it was obvious what answer you wanted.

    Still, this keeps your quizzo bowl flawed question streak alive at 3 years (at least). “Lego” is not derived from the Dutch “play well”, but from the Danish “play well” instead.

    And Washington and Madison both signed the Constitution (you had them both listed as multiple choices in a question looking for the one who signed the Constitution).

    Never mind “Surrender Dorothy.”

    One of these years, I'm expecting a text from you during quizzo bowl proclaiming Johnny Goodtimes a Quizzo Bowl choke artist.

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