Around the Horn, brought to you by Erin Gray

-It was 96 years ago today that the French noticed something. “Hey, wasn’t there a picture of a lady where that empty frame is now?” Except they said it in French: “Perdon moi, parlez vous un pictorio de femme en la framerie?”

Here’s the latest from Trivia Art. Did he really think that the Independence Brew Pub was helping us get ahead at anything?

-If I ever rubbed an old lamp and a genie popped out, I’d wish for the same thing I woulda wished for as a kid: a time machine. (Of course, if I ever rubbed an old lamp, I’d probably just get a hand rash.) Anyways, scientists are saying that time travel will be possible in the future. But wait, if time travel is possible in the future, why aren’t any of those time travelers here now? They probably all went to the 20s, when the booze was flowin’ and the girls were easy.

-Hey, Philly just won an honorable mention for best tasting tap water! Get that ticker tape ready, it’s time to celebrate!