Things we learned last week

Here’s a few questions from last weeks quizzo, with a little more background info on the answers:
1) Rainey Bethea was executed on August 14, 1936. What made his execution unique in the United States?
A: He was the last person executed publicly. The reason we haven’t done it again is because it didn’t go so well. The hangman was wasted.

2) What fighter on Mike Tyson’s Punchout hailed from Philadelphia?
A: Mr. Sandman. If you really wanna waste 2 minutes of your life, watch this uber-nerd get beat up by Mr. Sandman. Eerily compelling.

3) One of the worst movies ever made was also one of 1998s most lucrative. It’s tagline was, “For Love. For Honor. For Mankind”.
A: Armageddon. Here was Roger Eberts review of this tripe.

4) What religion runs the “Psychiatry: A History of Death Museum”?
A: Scientology. Yes, this museum actually exists. Here is a video tour of the museum. To be honest, this museum looks freaking awesome.

5) Who did Elvis meet with on December 21, 1970 to express his contempt for the drug culture, and producing one of the most amazing photos ever?
A: Richard Nixon. Here’s that photo and a little background on it.

6) Hugh Beaumont is best known for playing what character on TV?

A: Ward Cleaver. After leaving the show he became a Christmas tree salesman. Hugh Beaumont rules.