It’s contest time!!!

A’ight, I got a $20 gift certificate to the Bards and two IMAX passes to the winner of this contest, and a $15 gift certificate to Good Dog for 2nd place. It’s a sequel contest. You need to come up with the worst idea for a movie sequel that hasn’t been made, and a short plot outline. I want you to come up with some ideas so bad that they make Weekend at Bernies 2 actually not look like such a bad idea. I’ll go first:
It’s a Wonderful Life 2: Potter’s Revenge
Picks up shortly after the original left off. George Bailey still faces charges of Destruction of Property and a DUI after plowing into the tree before he jumped off the bridge. Potter sees an opportunity to put his rival behind bars, and hires Clarence Darrow (played by Spencer Tracy) to take the case. Things look hopeless for Bailey, until Uncle Billy exposes Potter’s darkest secret to the courtroom, and a mistrial is declared. Stan Musial makes his acting debut as Judge Rogers.

Post your ideas in the comment section below, and make sure you leave a name and an email address so I can contact you if you win. Have fun!