Philly Mag Bites the Hand that Feeds IT

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Philebrity, which usually tells you where you can go to find all the gals with striped knee socks and the guys who wish they were gay but aren’t, tells a juicy story this morning about our good friends over at Philadelphia Magazine. It seems that Philly Mag posted a report about questionable sanitation in Stephen Starr restaurants on their website (though they did not author said report). Well, as everybody knows, Stephen Starr spends more money in advertising in Philly Mag per month than you spent on your entire house. And the next thing you know, our friends over at Philly Mag are yanking the report off their website and claiming the whole thing was a big misunderstanding. All things being equal, they could catch a 6 foot mutant cockroach at Morimoto and I would still eat there. Damn, that s*** is good.
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