Johnny, IN Obvious Attempt to Seem More Manly, Discusses Sports

Johnny Goodtimes, who was told to “sack up” after discussing Grey’s Anatomy, began his day Wednesday discussing the Suns-Clippers series in an attempt to seem like less of a sissy boy. “Do you remember when we had Raja Bell on the Sixers, and he pretty much totally sucked?” said Goodtimes, trying to make it seem like he’s “one of the boys”. “Well, he has become the breakout star of this year’s playoffs, going mano a mano with Kobe Bryant and shutting him down in round one, then scoring a ton of points against the Clippers, and then last night hitting an incredible three with one second left to send the game into double overtime. The Suns won in what has become a remarkably entertaining series, and now lead 3-2.” Goodtimes then burped like a real man. “Just like everybody else, I have completely ignored the last few years of the NBA, as it became such a boring, watered down game. But these playoffs have captured my attention. The emergence of Lebron, the entertaining play of Steve Nash, the fact that the Clippers are still alive.” At this point, Johnny slapped one of his male friends on the ass, in a very mannish, yet at the same time, very ungay manner.