The Season Finale

Yeah, the two night season finale of Grey’s Anatomy was pretty intense, although by the time it was done I was ready for a little break from the show, though a 4 month break might be a little much. The whole thing got a little too out of control and melodramatic by the end, but overall, I was pretty pleased. I had read that one cast member was going to be leaving at the end of the season, but I had Alex pegged as the one to go. I thought he would have a major showdown with Addison, but it looks like Izzie is the one to leave. Just as well. She was kind of hot, but she was a complete psycho. Wonder if they’ll keep her on the show. I think the fact that Dr. Webber and Meredith’s mom had an affair years ago is by far the stupidest storyline currently going, and would be much better suited for a 1 p.m. soap opera than on a show that’s actually otherwise really good. Well, the long offseason will give me time to watch season one, which I still haven’t seen.