Johnny Going Back for more intercourse!

It was last year this time that my buddy Ken and I headed out to Intercourse and found ourselves in the midst of the Rhubarb festival in what ended up being a legendary road trip. So this year, we are gonna return. And this year, there is an added attraction: We have decided to enter the Great Rhubarb Pie Bake Off! We were discussing it yesterday, though I was obviously kind of joking when I brought it up, considering I have never baked a pie in my life. Then this morning I got a voicemail from Ken, saying that he had made a crust and a pie filling the night before, and that all I had to do was to bake it. He’s just that insane. So I went and picked it up, and am now preparing to bake my first ever pie. I’m sure it’s going to go just great. We gotta head out first thing tomorrow morning, so heaven knows when I’ll be posting again, but rest assured, when I do, I should have a legendary tale to tell. I’ll bring my laptop with me manana, but I think the odds of a wireless cafe in Intercourse are fairly slim. Feel free to post below the odds of me and Ken winning the 23rd annual Rhubarb pie bake off. Also, post below any baking tips you have. Again, I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing here.