Ladies Love Cool Bob

05-10-2006 002 (Custom).jpg
Yeah, so I caught a little buzz last night. Big friggin’ deal. The narkotyzing Dysfunktion thought it would be funny if they ordered me my favorite drink. A Boilermaker (Depth charge variety). MMM-MMM, was it delicious. And by delicious, I mean it was the worst drink I have ever had in my life. Thanks a lot, you knuckleheads. As you might imagine, the ladies were all over me last night.
05-10-2006 008 (Custom).jpg
No surprises there. I just can’t tell if it’s because of the permanent, or if it’s my brusque charm. Probably both. To be honest, I did receive some boos last night, but I need even more. I don’t think you people hate me enough. I’m gonna have to try harder.
05-10-2006 007 (Custom).jpg