Johnny Climbs Mount Everest!

everest (Custom).jpg
Just one word to describe the view from the top of Everest: Awesome! This has always been a goal of mine, and this morning I said, “What the hell? Why not do it today?” Sweet! I hope everything went ok last night with Bobby. He told me that the women who played last night were all over him. That’s great. Hey listen, I’m heading off to Africa this afternoon, so I’ll send you a picture from there tommorrow. Bobby has to pick up my Spanish assignment, and by the time he’s done hitting on my hot Spanish teacher and Aditi Roy, it’ll probably be late afternoon. He’ll talk a little about last night then, and he’s promised me that he’s going to make his case for his favorite player, Barry Bonds, on the website tommorrow. Hope everything is going well in the good ol’ USA!