Help Da Kittens

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Hey, Bobby B. here. As you might suspect, the only creatures dat love me as much as women are kittens (you sick f**** were expecting a pussy pun here, weren’t ya?). Anyways, I gets this email from the SPCA sayin’t that they need your help. So give it to ’em, or face the consequences! Here’s the deal. They got little kittens comin’ in, and dey is catchin’ diseases from cats with sniffles and colds. The kittens don’t got a strong enough immune system to fight off the colds, and they die. What the SPCA wants is some people who can just take in a kitten for a week or two, until it’s old enough and strong enough to fight off the cold. If you want more info on how you’se can help, or if you wanna adopt a pet, email Meghan at