Odds and Ends

Headed over to Abilene’s to do a comedy set last night, my first one in a while. It went pretty terribly, but I did get half off my taco salad or being one of the performers, so that was kool. Saw this band, called Big Pimp Jones, who were pretty good. Also saw a guy I’m gonna have perform at one of my shows at some point in the future called Keith From Up the Block. He’s basically the Weird Al of hip hop, and the stuff he played last night was pretty funny. Looking to get my work done early so i can head out to the Phils game this afternoon. It was nice to win last night, but damn, can we get a freaking starting pitcher into the sixth inning? We could be watching one of the worst groups of starting pitchers in the majors in a while (Well, besides Rockies pitching every year, but they gotta pitch in the stratosphere, so it’s somewhat excusable). They are really, really awful. Could be a long season.