Tony’s Place with my sister and brother in law

On Saturday, I ventured into the Northeast to try the pizza at Tony’s Place with my sister Big E and her husband John. I liked the place right off the bat. Great ambience, very homey feel on the inside. One strange quirk was the things they were showing on the televisions during our stay. Maybe it was just a weird day for sports programming, but in an hour and a half, we saw rodeo, paintball, fishing, and polo. I love fishing shows, but I think they would be better if the boat had obstacles. Like mines under the water and a giant mechanical shark that they had to fight off if they hoped to keep fishing. Anyways, at Tony’s they don’t call it pizza, they call it tomato pie. And you need to go up there and order the hot pepper pie. It was the best pizza I’ve had yet in the search. The sauce, which Tony’s places over the cheese, was perfect, just the right amount of cheese, and the peppers gave the pie a little kick. The other slice wasn’t quite as good, but was still excellent. It was a pepperoni and peppers slice. The service was friendly. The only knock on the place, and this just shows how nitpicky I have to be to find a flaw here, was that the Coke was flat. The thing that really made me realize how good this place was was that after five slices, I wasn’t thinking about how full I was, but about how incredible the pizza was. Here was my sister’s reaction:
04-27-06 003 (Custom).jpg
“Sauce on top of the cheese?” That was my pessimistic reaction when I heard that Tony’s pizza was cooked
unconventionally, with the sauce on top. Despite my doubts, we dove right in and ordered two large pies-one pepperoni and one with hot cherry peppers. The pies were delicious! The sauce was especially good. The crust was thin, but not too crispy. Besides the pizza being amazing, the atmosphere was great too. It was cozy in there and seemed like a great neighborhood establishment. Four of us downed both pies with no problem. Even after leaving with full stomachs, we still had those pizzas on the brain. What a great place. John and I give Tony’s a 4 pepperoni score!!

My sister and I have had some epic arguments. This will not be one of them. I’m giving Tony’s a 4 pepperoni score, with the hot cherry pie getting a 4 1/2. You have to try it. It is, without question, the best pizza I have had thus far in Philly.